Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Death of Kulutempa

In bold kimono, face washed clean with perfumed soap and cold, clear water, I sat atop my folded legs. My knees were bound together by red cloth, tight, so nothing could rip them apart but the hands of man, not even the rigorous shaking of Death. Outside, the air was still and quiet, the night poised with cocked head, waiting to hear a whispered secret. The light of the moon flashed like mystery on the blade of my kaiken, where it lay, flat, on my lap.

My eyes were closed. I was in deep contemplation, recalling the details of my life and preparing myself for the final chapter. The one I would write solely by my own hand, in sanguine, ruddy ink. I was calm, ready. There was nothing more to decide, and certainly nothing to grieve. I had waited until I was empty. Now, all that remained was for my heart to decide when the time was right. Breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out... I permitted myself to think of nothing else.

With my right hand, I lifted the blade; with my left, I traced the cold, sharp steel with the tips of my fingers, very lightly, and gently guided the tip to rest against my throat...

No. No. How about:

The weather man was right! Hell yeah! It's so sunny, babes, and it says the temperature's 75 degrees. Let's go sit in the park. You know, the one with the fountains and glorious magnolia trees?...Yeah, the one with the impressive statue of Dante in the southeast corner, with the piss and the used condoms. Remember that Magnum we saw last month? Gag! I don't know what's wrong with these fucking people...who the hell wants to fuck with a nose full of piss??...Homeless people do NOT fuck here!...Well...yeah, I guess there's nowhere else for them to go really, huh? Ok, well, let's go - but we'll stay by that pool, with the birds. Where that guy was sunbathing in the nude...assuming he hasn't decided to camp there for the summer...You wanna go? Yay! OK, I'm gonna go get ready. I'm coming! Lemme just put my shoes on. Shit, I gotta find my book; I'll meet you in the car. I'll be right there, negro! Start the car, dang!

Yo, what the hell are you doing?? Asshole! People can't fucking drive in this city! Calm down, baby, it's OK. Where's a cop when you need one, eh? Put on your seatbelt. Yay, it's so sunny! Shit, I forgot my sunglasses. Please,'re the awesomest, most sweetest, greatest boyfriend in the world, and I love you...thank you! Ha ha! Just turn around; you know you love it. What the...?! Man, what is it about this curve?? People just fly around here like it's not a blind spot, and a tight one at that. Fuckers.

OK, I'll be right back...see? That didn't take long. Yo, turn that up, that's my shit! We in the bed like the dance, do the dance...ha ha ha ha!! That's sooo not, it's not...yeah, I do...OK, show me then, you know so much...look at this fool, look how fast he's, watch out, watch out...JesusjesusJESUS!...

OK that was retarded, I know.
Doesn't really need to be that dramatic. Kulutempa is, after all, a virtual creation. So...

We'll try this.

The Death of Kulutempa


It's been an awesome ride.